• BabyLove NanoPower Plus PlayPants JP S74
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    Choosing a baby’s product can be very difficult for new parents. Try BabyLove PlayPants NanoPower Plus, a baby diaper that can make your life easier. With double absorbent layers that provides quick absorbency, designed to help keep your baby healthy and happy. Comfortably fit for every movement. A great way to save your money!

    NanoPower Plus
    BabyLove PlayPants NanoPower Plus with its latest innovation made of the Nano Gel Bead – the super absorbent core, only 1 mm. thin but still dense with gel beads and double absorbent layers. These layers provide good and quick absorbency with a comfortable non-bulky fit. The Bubble Soft Sheet provides a gentle touch and extra dryness. Air Flow Back Sheet that allows air circulation, helps to keep your baby’s skin fresh and dry.
    Protect leakage with comfortable feeling
    BabyLove PlayPants NanoPower Plus is improved with double absorbent layers that provides quick absorbency and faster drying. Standing Leak Guards provide extra protection against leakage at legs. Stretchy Waist Elastic provides a soft and comfortable fit at the waist area, allowing flexibility to accommodate your baby’s every movement. Bubble Soft Sheet provides a gentle touch. Make your baby happy all day long.
    Choosing the correct size
    Size S for baby weight 4 – 8 kg
    Size M for baby weight 7 – 12 kg
    Size L for baby weight 9 – 14 kg
    Size XL for baby weight 12 – 17 kg
    Size XXL for baby weight 15 – 25 kg


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